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Mating behaviour of funa fish

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A diploid sexual male chases a triploid asexual female near ovulation. Funa usually spawns at night in a dark environment. No male mate choice between sexaul and asexual females (Hakoyama and others, 2002).

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New web site: Hako Space

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The time has come to build new web page.

The reasons:

  1. OCN has stopped providing web hosting services in June 2015, so my old site has gone.
  2. We have tons of new contents to be published and transmitted.

After some consideration, I decided to use sblg for web page building. All required is to type just "make". Nice. Thanks Kristaps!

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Avoid the lollipop of mediocrity. Lick it once, and you will suck forever.
-- Bruce Walsh / Brian Wilson
Über Berg und Tal,
Irrtum über Irrtum allzumal,
Kommen wir wieder ins Freie;
Doch da ist's gar zu weit und breit,
Nun suchen wir in kurzer Zeit
Irrgang und Berg aufs neue.

-- Goethe (1749-1832)
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