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Course Note

Population Dynamics

Hiroshi Hakoyama
  1. Population, community, and ecosystem
  2. Exponential growth. Continuous and discrete models
  3. Density effect
  4. Fisheries. Chaos. Stochastic model. Maximum likelihood method
  5. Competition. Stability. Prey-predator
  6. Asexual population
  7. Linear dynamics. Local stability. Coexistence
  8. Virtual Population analysis
  9. Virtual Population analysis (Exercise)
  10. Recruitment-Spawning Biomass (Exercise)
  11. Age structured model (Leslie matrix, stable age distribution)
  12. Model aggregation (model simplification for the prediction, e.g., aggregation in ecosystem modeling). Model selection
  13. Model selection. AIC
  14. Model selection. Eel meta-population
  15. Stochastic process. Stationarity. Autocorrelation. IUCN assesment